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Image masking is a necessary function of photo editing. This service is required to remove an image’s background . In general, Clipping Path is helpful to erase the background of any picture. 

Images with furry portions or flying hairs, on the other hand, need masking to eliminate the ground flawlessly. In a nutshell, image masking is a cutting-edge backdrop removal method that allows you to erase image backgrounds perfectly and quickly. As one of the leading photo masking service providers, Clipping Path Cut has provided outstanding services for many years at a very reasonable price. 


Clipping Path Cut is the appropriate partner for you to take proper care of all your corporate picture editing demands with standard accuracy, from real estate companies, portrait studios, & real estate shooters to freelancing professional photographers. As a result, you may use Clipping Path Cut to save time and focus on building your business.


Different Types of Image Masking We Provide

This service is divided into many categories based on the difficulty, complexity, and number of photographs required. However, our specialists believe this service primarily consists of seven distinct types described below.

Layer Masking in Photoshop

Adobe Layer masking or image masking photoshop is widely employed in current picture editing firms. This strategy is suitable for the majority of applications.


Furthermore, this method creates a picture ideal for commercial, fashion, or personal usage. The center viewpoint changes the ratio of showing or obscuring one or more picture areas.

image maskingphoto masking

Furry & Hair Masking

The fundamental goal of Far & Hair Masking is to isolate the pictures of Fur and Hair from the background. We can complete this work with Pen Tablet, Refine Edge, and similar tools.


We may change the image’s color, brightness, contrast, and exposure to make it seem more realistic. Image Masking is preferred to Clipping Path for certain sorts of photographs.

Image Masking Serviceimage masking service

Alpha Channel Masking

We store photographs in Alpha masking for this sort of masking since it will help change image Brightness, Contrast, Exposure, and so on.


Because these photographs are small in size, they are simple to upload and download. Alpha Channel masking requires images with a single color on the backdrop.

Alpha channel maskingAlpha channel masking

Objects Masking

This kind of masking is commonly applied in the background removing services. We can remove any undesirable things using this procedure.


However, not every shot may be significant with wildlife photography or other photoshoots. Furthermore, objects can’t be in focus at all times. As a result, we can improve photos by deleting extraneous objects and backgrounds.


Photo RetouchingPhoto Retouching

Photoshop Collage Masking

Image masking is a one-stop editing tool for all product photographs, such as a single image, several pictures, or a collage of several photos blended into one image.


Photoshop Collage Masking allows you to easily remove any unnecessary backgrounds from any image. This method is ideally suited for concealing photos in catalogs, brochures, and commerce web pages.


image masking servicecollege masking

Translucent Images Masking

The approach is most typically used to remove transparent graphics from uninteresting backgrounds.


Clipping Path Cut Team makes your photographs stand out by removing all unwanted sharp pixels from a shot, resulting in a more subtle & natural appearance.

Image Masking

Transparent Objects Masking

It is difficult to remove the background from transparent items. That’s because you can see through glass and water. We will make the translucent area of the object seem natural by removing the inconsistencies.


image maskingimage masking

Photoshop Improves Edge Masking

You may notice some irregularity along the margins of the cut-out item when you place it in a different background. Using Adobe Photoshop to refine the edge masking method, we can transpose any piece on a different backdrop while retaining the natural taste.


image maskingimage masking

When do you require Image Masking Services?

As an owner of an e-commerce site, if you have a product or a model with flying hairs, you have to erase the background from those products or models. In that case, you must need an Image Masking service. 


Furthermore, if you wish to sell your items on e-commerce websites, you must adhere to specific product image guidelines. For example, the image background must be completely white. 


As a result, you must use Image Masking in your particular product. Similarly, if you’re a professional photographer, you’ll need to use an Image masking service to eliminate the image’s background.


Moreover, image masking may also be beneficial if the corners of your picture are not crisp or hazy. You’ll also need to use Image Masking if the item in your photo has to be transparent. 


Here are a few examples, automobile glass, plastic bottle pictures, sunglasses, furry animals, dolls, skin, etc. Our staff, in particular, is a specialist in these areas. So we guarantee our clients’ pleasure!



Advantages Of Using An Image Masking Service

The advantages of using an image masking service are that we don’t have to choose the photograph layer. Photoshop handles it for us, and we can alter or resize it to our liking. Image masking services, too, have several advantages, like-


  • The picture masking service reduces the chance of damaging the raw image, allowing you to change your shot on the fly.


  • You may change the image’s shape or size to suit your needs and get current delivery using masking image online service.


  • Even if the shot is flawless, undesired objects, lack of lighting, or loss of focus may reduce the image quality. You may delete any section of a picture with image masking.


  • Although picture masking is not available in the free image masking service, high-level editability is provided.


  • If you own an e-commerce firm, you may use picture masking services to hide product photographs with a solid color in the background. It adds to the picture’s appeal and attractiveness.


Who Needs Our Services?

People of different professions want to mask images for various reasons. Our editors do this regularly on photographs of different types of clients. Below is an overview of companies our individuals that receive our services.



Why Choose US?

Clipping Path Cut provides a wide range of professional picture masking services to a wide range of reputable clientele. We employ graphics tablets to divide items from the background with natural soft borders. Using this strategy, we may precisely mix the image’s delicate and complex parts.


We employ our imagination to achieve the desired outcome. We always like to use several approaches. As a result, in addition to the image masking tool, we use a variety of operations such as custom clipping path, background removal tool, color splitting approach, and so on.


Several factors have distinguished us from others. First, we have dedicated graphics artists with over ten years of expertise working on highly complicated projects.



In addition, we offer an in-house training center where we teach our designers to keep up with the newest industry advancements. Our 24-hour customer service, three-step quality control, and meager prices have resulted in hundreds of satisfied customers. If you have any more questions, kindly inform us or ask for a free trial.