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Clipping Path Cut has a professional staff specializing in hollow man effects and neck joints. Furthermore, our large team is capable of ensuring complete client pleasure. So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy a free trial to see how good our work is.

What is a Ghost Mannequin?

In Apparel photography, your items look matte, and buyers want to see how you should wear them in real life. But a live coordinating model can be costly, and mannequins can detract from the product photos. Innovative fashion stores make it easy: they utilize the mannequin to show their products and remove it from the photos.


Let’s have a look at how this process works: 


We can process clothing to add natural volume and texture for ghost mannequins that have not undergone neck manipulation, such as trousers, hats, and watches.


  • You will need two photographs to get started: one photograph of the garment with the mannequin and one without the mannequin.


  • Attach the two images to the neck using a clipping path.


  • We combine this service with color grading or shadow effects to decorate accessories or clothing.

  • You will have clothes that look like an invisible form is wearing them.

Who Needs This Service?

 Clothes and sometimes jewelry need mannequins if you don’t have models. Therefore, anyone who works with or photographs these products will need the services of a regular neck mannequin or a ghost mannequin. 


So clothing and jewelry owners, online retailers, product photographers all need this service, not only mannequins but also invisible mannequins. Sometimes, it’s difficult and expensive to hire a model.



That’s why a mannequin may not completely but effectively fill the space of the model. You can strike any pose with the mannequin, and you won’t have any temper tantrums or planning problems and will be able to focus on other essential tasks.



How to Take the Best Mannequin Photos?

While some merchants have real invisible mannequins that they can utilize to photograph their merchandise, many have to depend on models or regular mannequins. Therefore, make sure you have got the most suitable photos to work with; follow these instructions while shooting:


  • Remove clothes on the asymmetrical mannequin with your hands down.

  • If you use a model rather than a mannequin, ensure their arms hang down and their legs are not crossed. Also, tie long hair or jewelry that can hide clothing.

  • Keep your lighting and camera in a similar place when photographing your clothing. Attach your dress to a foam board or whiteboard, then place the board in the same position and at the same height as the mannequin for ensuring even lighting.

  • Keep the background neutral and straightforward. A solid light gray or white non-reflective background works best. Our study on the leading online clothes brands shows that over 94% of these brands have a simple, neutral backdrop.

  • Iron or steam your clothes before shooting and ensure that the clothes fit snugly against the mannequin, with no wrinkles or gaps.


Position the camera similar to the product. For example, don’t place the camera on top of the subject while looking down. Working with the camera at the wrong angle may misinterpret the product and need additional post-processing.



Yet, you can make an invisible mannequin in Photoshop with less than ideal stock. But keep in mind that the best photos will always provide the best result.




What Kinds of Ghost Mannequin & Neck Joint Services Do We Provide at Clipping Path Cut?

You can enhance the attraction of your product with our trained and experienced picture editor staff. Clipping Path Cut is at your service whether you need to work on your full mannequin or just the neck area, join, or erase any defect on the image of a garment. 


Customers prefer to look at even more natural-looking apparel because they can see themselves wearing your items or accessories, as previously said. We value quality and guarantee before submitting work.



The ghost mannequin illusion is essential for an e-shop, professional clothes photography, fashion photography, and ready-made enterprise to attract an international clientele. We provide the following five kinds of popular Ghost mannequin neck joint services.



Ghost Mannequin on Sleeves Joint

The mannequin section was clipped, removed, and filled with genuine goods by the joint sleeve service. Clothes with long sleeves, such as suits, coats, and jumpers, require joint sleeve treatment to make the sleeve visible. Short sleeve garment goods may also require this treatment to make the sleeve visible. 


Photoshop professionals chop the dummy’s hand and fill this with a similar one throughout this process. The removal of the shape gives the item image a hollow appearance, making it more intriguing to look at. Consumers are always on the lookout for goods that are one-of-a-kind and eye-catching.

It is not difficult to produce distinctive product photographs and offer them to the buyer using an image Pixelmator. Our sleeve joint supplier team provides you with unrivaled editing and performance benefits.



Ghost Mannequin

The Neck Joint

When you draw a mannequin from cloth, a gap appears at the neckline. This gap must be filled by connecting the rear and front areas of the neck to create a full-shaped picture.


As a result, we produce a genuine ghost mannequin illusion for shirts, coats, trousers, shorts, necklace, underwear, and many other items.


Neck JointImage Manipulation

Packshot Ghost Mannequin Effects in 360°/3D

We provide a 360°/3D landscapes ghost mannequin effect solution for static and dynamic photos used on e-commerce sites. Send us your images from various angles if you need this tempting service.


We can create an eye-catching 360°/3D packshot photo editing of your pictures, as well as link the top, neck, base, and sleeves of your photo.

3d neck joint3d neck joint

Bottom Joint on Ghost Mannequin

Clothes with backsides or long-tail are often cut when professionals remove the mannequin from the image after being made.


For example, the lower internal part, the neck joint, is fixed by the editors of the service by cutting out from another structure. Therefore, the examiners need two photos: one with the dummy and the other with the rear of an object only.


Again, our professionals ensure that we’ve accurately cropped the image and correctly joined the back half to create a perfect connection at the bottom.


Ghost MannequinGhost Mannequin

Modeling Mannequin

Modeling mannequin is an outstanding ghost mannequin service. To execute this type of operation, we’ll need two different things: first, we’ll need to shoot our models in specified positions.


Then, we’ll need to hit the mannequin with identical poses to match all the poses during the post-production.


You’ll use a dummy to photograph the products, and then a post-processing professional will delete the dummy and substitute it with an actual model.


When is it necessary to use a Ghost Mannequin?

The primary and most important reason for adopting an invisible Ghostly mannequin is to save money. It is a significant concern if you are a tiny or novice e-trader.



A ghost dummy in Photoshop also gives the product a beautiful form. After mannequin effects, consumers find the product appealing.


However, on rare occasions, models are unavailable at short notice. A mannequin is an excellent choice in this situation. To capture the images, all that is required is optimal lighting and a high-quality camera. Setup and decorations are not included in the package.


It also saves a great deal of time. As a result, most businesses and photographers prefer to have Ghost mannequin photography effects applied after the shot.




The Benefits Of An Invisible Mannequin

We require 2/3 photographs of the article of clothing for Ghost mannequin photo editing services. After placing the item of clothing on a mannequin, we take a photo of the front side. 


In addition, we will depict the inside side of the neck in the second photograph. If the buyer requires a picture of the back of the garment, the third image showing the back of the garment on a mannequin is necessary. It’s about a phantom mannequin. This method can help you quickly improve your sales.



Using this approach, we can make the garment product seems more attractive and eye-catching. Customers can understand the forms and patterns well since it gives them a complete picture of the goods—the more people who look at your products in detail, the better. Likewise, the more individuals crave your items, the better your business.



Ghost Mannequin Or Neck Joint Service at Clipping Path Cut

When it comes to images, no matter how perfect your mannequin is, it still exhibits a shadow of the dummy. At Clipping Path Cut, we will assist you in making your images the finest they can be, which will undoubtedly help your business flourish. Our expert picture editors can do this while focusing on other aspects of your business.


We are glad to announce that we have modified millions of photographs and continue to do so. That means millions of customers have already placed their trust in us, and we hope you will be among them. 


Whether one of the hundreds, you may entrust us with your images, and we will ensure that we have edited it perfectly. If you have a deadline, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, and we will make sure you get it on time.




If you want this type of service and want to see a world-class altered product shot, visit the official website at and get in touch with us.