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drop shadowShadow Effect
Drop Shadownatural shadow

Drop shadow is essential in digital photos for a natural and fresh effect. Using the shadow service, you may get a more realistic result for your images. When you take a photograph, there is usually a shadow.


Moreover, you can’t always include this in the photograph. When seeing a topic in a photo, the shadow gives the image a more realistic and appealing appearance.



Again, creating shadows is a current strategy for attracting visitors to your goods on an e-commerce site. You may depict your goods differently by creating picture shadows, impacting their purchasing choice. By creating a reflection and shadow around the picture, we provide you with a one-of-a-kind touch.



In addition, we build a new shadow to generate an authentic and natural product image. So, if you have got a collection of images that you’d want to utilize drop shadow on, email them to us along with your instructions for using the service.




What do you Mean By the Drop Shadow service?

A drop shadow service mirrors or appears on both sides of the image in gray or white. There are so many manipulations and calculations here. Since a particular object can create shadows from various angles, measurements are vital.



You must ensure that the ratio of that object to the primary image is ideal for not looking unprofessional or slightly imaginary. Also, ensure the shadow’s distance, length, and the color is realistic. However, the right combination is essential to keep the correct stance of your image.



Who Needs this Service?

Online store owners are the primary users of the service. After the products appear on the site, they are guided by click-through rate and conversion. Thus, to provide a product with a glossy, bright, and realistic look, graphics designers add shadows to improve sales and user experience.


Photographers and photo agencies are among the best areas for this service. If we add Photoshop’s best shadow effect, the result will be great.



When Should You Use Drop Shadow Service?

Your consumers are probably looking for your goods & services on the internet. It also implies that you are fighting with other businesses online.



A professional website with high-quality material and photos is required to make a good impression on your prospects. Our team, led by an experienced designer, offers high-quality picture editing services that engage their target audience.



In the field of e-commerce

Drop shadow is a valuable service for eCommerce merchants that want to boost their sales. Customers are more inclined to purchase a product if they discover the best view through product photos. Therefore, this sort of post-processing service might influence a customer’s choice to buy as soon as feasible.



After You’ve Removed the Image Background

The image gets flat after eliminating the background using a clipping path. A twisted and bent drop shadow that causes the shot realistic is required to make the image dynamic.


In studios and agencies that specialize in photography

Because their product is images, many photography labs & their clients rely on us the most. Consequently, the results are apparent when they merge their skills with our leading photoshop shadow effects.



How Does It Work?

When we cast a shadow on an item, we form black and gray outlines around it proportional to the object’s size. To make it seem natural, you should get soft and subtle edges.


The image and shadow proportions must be constant; otherwise, the viewers would notice. Establish a new layer, then move it to the foot of the layer tray as the first step. Make the newly formed layer’s background white. Using the Photoshop pen tool, pick the item. Make sure the selection lines don’t have any rough edges.



Make a mask and ensure that the product is visible in the background. Next, select the drop shadow box from the layer style window. It casts a shadow mostly around the item. Now, adjust the opacity to suit the product. Finally, change the angle to fit the light’s direction, distance, and shadow size. Then, take off the mask you made and flatten all layers.



We Provide Various Shadow Effects

There are several picture shadowing techniques inside this photography business. But we only focus on the most practical effects that give the photographs a new lease on life.



Drop Shadow


A drop shadow photoshop raises an item slightly above its background, giving it the appearance of floating. It produces a soft light around an object. However, we can use this approach for e-commerce site product photographs. We mainly use them for e-commerce sites. It will instantly enhance the selling of your product.

Drop Shadow

Natural Shadow


Natural shadow is a graphics arts service used to generate a visual effect for objects in the background of photos. That’s always artificially manufactured with a professional touch by picturing some lights corresponding to the image.


Also, it reflects some shadow due to the light dimension. It gives the photograph a fresh appearance and helps people comprehend its touch on the background surface. On a white background, though, both drop shadow and natural shadow look amazing.


Natural ShadowNatural Shadow

Reflections and Floating Shadows


Floating shadows and floating reflections are shadowing techniques applied to objects not attached to a solid surface. You can use it to throw shadows over a hollow region, such as a bowl of soup, or produce shades for anything floating in space.


Reflection ShadowReflection Shadow

Mirror Shadow Effect


The mirror effect is helpful for items that have a bottom surface background look. This category includes products such as pharmaceuticals, ceramics, and electrical equipment.


Our editors utilize Photoshop software to apply mirror effects along the edges precisely. We are familiar enough with this service to identify where this impact must use. As a result, we provide high-quality shadow effects at a reasonable price in a welcoming setting.


Shadow EffectReflection Shadow

Cast Shadow


Clients occasionally send us photographs for editing which already contain some natural shadows. Unfortunately, the image does not appear to be lovely with this shadow, and in this situation, you must change the existing shadow.


The designers then alter these photos to meet the client’s needs, adding shadow effects while retaining the ideal amounts of opacity & transparency.


Shadow EffectShadow Effect

The Advantages Of Drop Shadow Service

There is hardly any time to demand fresh stuff images when operating a business. That’s because there are far more critical worries, and having the capacity to personalize what sort of shadow or reflective shadow would be perfect for the goods is essential. In contrast, not requiring several photos of the object on a platform that will never be accurate saves that much time.




The shadow-making service also includes bulk discounts, which means that if a client orders a large number of photographs with customized shadows or reflections, the rate per image falls. It is typically advantageous for anybody attempting to start a business or product line.



Why Choosing Us?

Every shadow effect has its unique quality, but only a professional’s eye can generate natural shadows. Therefore, we tailor each project to each customer’s specific aims and needs.


Our photo editing and image processing abilities are potent tools for elevating your photographs above the competition. In addition, your brand’s items will stand out when you apply our drop shadow services.


We are willing to help you if you seek an expert picture editing firm. We’ve altered over 6 million photographs and counting, so you can bet we’ve seen it all.


We’ll approach every assignment equally and with great attention to detail, whether you want us to edit a massive batch of images or a few. No project is too complex for us since we are committed to meeting schedules and delivering deliverables on time.

So, are you willing to make a difference right now? To get started, please get in touch with us.



How to Create A Shadow in Photoshop?

Both form and cast shadows are based on direction, distance, and light sources. Therefore, the shadow of the shape on the object can decide how realistic it will be.


You have to follow a few basic rules before creating shadows in Photoshop. Firstly, you need to understand how the shadow functions. For example, a cast shadow may be dimmer and brighter as it moves away from the object.



You can follow some tutorials to create natural shadows in Photoshop. Anyway, the techniques use a combination of a shadow layer style and various transformation tools like layer masks, alpha channels, and blurs.



How to add shadow effects to images?

The mystery to accurate shadow placement is to make sure the shadow and object are in proportion. Any discrepancy in shape is easily perceived and renders the image poorly edited. It creates a wrong impression for your company.


A photograph with sound light output is stable in angle and direction. Images with numerous shadows need to be color corrected to ensure realistic light and shadow. Always keep in mind the closer light to the object provides the darker shadow. As the light falls further, the shadows appear softer and lighter.


If you need to change the background digitally, consider that shadows are vital in improving your image’s visual quality. At Clipping Path Cut, we carefully craft your photos with natural shadows to shine your product photos.



Random application of shadow effect can damage your images. You don’t want angry customers who think the pictures look fake, or worse, edited. On the other hand, you can earn consumers’ faith and loyalty by providing them with an accurate view of the products.