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Clipping Path Cut—is your virtual photo editing and designing partner. Send your photos to us and get return these after done within 24 hours. Perfect pixel and high quality services with 100% clients satisfaction guaranteed.  

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How It Work​

  • Free Trial:   We provide a free trial & deliver in less than an hour. Clients assess our capability and quality.
  • Quotation: After reviewing the free trial images, we deliver personalized price quotes.
  • Upload: Here, upload your photographs and leave the rest to us.
  • Download: After done the photographs, you can download them and utilize them on your desired stores and websites.
  • Redo or Revision: We will process and provide your photos within 24 hours. Furthermore, if you want your files to be modified or customized further, you will undoubtedly receive a revision time!
  • Payment: Clipping Path Cut creates invoices and you just make the payment in a short while.
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Our Services

We prioritize our jobs and guarantee that the whole job is completed with attention, regardless of the project’s size or expense. The following is a quick rundown of all of our services:

Clipping Path Services is a very effective way in which an image is clipped out to remove one or more objects from a photo, and then Photoshop replaces the background with a new one. As Asia’s most favored Photoshop finest Clipping Path Service Provider. 

Clipping Path Cut provides 100% high-quality Image Image Editing Services and all types of clipping path services and Photoshop multi clipping path for color correction. 

Our skilled graphics designers perform all of these using the Photoshop pen tool. Remember that the only method to maintain product suitability is to completely hand-draw everything. Therefore, we offer you to evaluate the quality of our picture clipping path service for a reasonable cost.       Read More

clipping pathclipping path service

Are you sick of the hazy background? You don’t want your photo to have all those soft & sharp edges, do you? We’ve got you covered with our sophisticated Image Masking Services, so don’t worry. 

We’ll use layer masking to cut the picture backgrounds in such a manner that you won’t even notice they were there previously. We usually use this approach in conjunction with the clipping path technique to isolate soft and rough-edged furry dolls, people, feathery material, and other objects from their backgrounds. Finally, we use the picture masking approach to eliminate fur, hair, and feathers.        Read More

Image Masking Serviceimage masking service

This is a prominent shadow generation service primarily utilized in eCommerce for product marketing. Drop shadows are created to cast shadows exactly beneath or below the items in a photograph. May use Photoshop filters to produce drop shadows. Give the image a new aspect, the transparency of the shadows and the angle and direction wherein the shadows are thrown all modified.

The drop shadowed floating picture of the product seems more professional and enticing to buyers. We provide reflection shadow, drop shadow, and genuine shadow services for an authentic look for your items on display.     Read More

Shadow EffectReflection Shadow

Do you have a low-resolution, low-quality photograph? Then, let’s take care of all the problems. We know image retouching helps us enhance our beauty features by removing facial hair, acne, tattoos, skin contours, and other imperfections. 

We’ll bring your shot to life with our photo editing tools. In addition, professional Photographers & Designers may rely on us for retouching services. From the subtle skill of accentuation to extensive photo effects and compositing, we’ve perfected Image Retouching. 

In both Product & Model Retouching, we have a fantastic staff with the best skills and equipment! 

For a tremendous result, photo retouching services necessitate excellent work in detail.  Read More

Photo RetouchingPhoto Retouching

The “ghost mannequin effect”, also called the “hidden mannequin,” “3-dimensional mannequin,” or “hollow guy,” is a simple and effective post-production technique for photographing apparel articles that overcomes the display problem. 

The Ghost Mannequin Effect is significant to e-commerce, business magazine proprietors, and professional photographers. Our company provides the neck-joint effect on apparel. Mannequins are an inexpensive and effective technique to promote brand photographs.


Clipping Path Cut mannequins editing service offers various add-on services, including removing creases from the material, erasing the backdrop, changing the dress’s color, and providing a 360-degree view. Read More

ghost mannequinNeck Joint

What is Clipping Path ?

A Clipping Path is a Photoshop method for making a relative vector path or form with the pen tool. It is a non-destructive method of erasing backgrounds. 

Furthermore, you can mainly use this technique to remove the background from photographs or create a white background. Clipping Path allows users to clip out a portion of a photograph by drawing a shape. It is a great way to get rid of the background in an image. 


You may also use the Clipping path to clip out a picture segment or edit only a tiny portion of it. Clipping Paths are classified into several categories by designers. 

You can create a path around an image with the Pen Tool, or you can use the Clipping Path service to perform far more intricate things like dividing a picture into several sections and utilizing each piece individually in a snap. If you want to eliminate the background from a shot, employ clipping path approaches to provide a clean edge.

Types of Clipping Path

To provide excellent service, we have divided this service into three categories based on the intricacy of the items. Therefore, our professional clipping path specialists can quickly determine which product takes part after receiving the request. Depending on the category, they use a variety of clipping path approaches to provide flawless results. So let’s have a look at those categories.

Simple Clipping Path

We can use a simple clipping path on the square, straight, round, rectangular, and oval items.

However, the main distinction between medium and simple clipping routes is the presence of holes.

Therefore, products with cavities appear in a primary clipping path. Pants, shirts, watches, jewelry, and glasses are all examples of simple clipping paths.

clipping pathclipping path

Medium Clipping Path

This category includes basic objects with simple shapes. For the most part, you need fewer anchor points to describe these objects. 

Things like balls, sweaters, bottles, triangular boxes, lids fall into this category. Creating fewer anchor points took our designer some time. We generally charge only $0.25 for each image to render this service.

clipping path serviceclipping path

Complex Clipping Path

This clipping path category includes more complex-shaped objects. We have to perform numerous clipping paths and multiple anchor points for these objects.

Flowers, Figurines, and full portraits are examples of this clipping path. Such images require great talent and time to cut. We only charge around $1.20 to edit this type of image.

clipping pathclipping path service

How does a Clipping Path Company help to grow your e-commerce business?

Whenever it comes to internet business, having high-quality photos is essential. Because of the bad image on display, a consumer will skip over an image. 

When opposed to low-quality photographs, you will settle for a high-quality picture at any moment.

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Clipping Path Cut Offered to You

It would help if you chose the most excellent clipping path provider to grow your business. The top clipping path service provider offers a variety of services. They are as follows:

Competitive Price

We have very reasonable pricing. For example, our picture prices start at $0.39 per image.

On-Time Delivery

Our 150+ skilled photoshop specialists ensure that your project is delivered on schedule every time.

Emergency Services

Our service is ideal for you if you want processed photographs in a short amount of time. However, there is a fee for this service.


For a high volume of pictures, we offer a special price. Before placing a purchase, we provide a free trial of up to two photographs to evaluate our service quality. ​

Payment Flexibility​

Our payment mechanism is safe and straightforward to use. You can pay using PayPal or a wire transfer. In addition, you have the option of paying us monthly or on a project-by-project basis. ​

100% Satisfaction​

To ensure the highest quality and gorgeous photographs, we undertake a three-step quality check and strictly adhere to the client's requirements. We never cut corners when it comes to quality.

Order Bulk Processing

Our staff can handle large batches of pictures without losing quality, and we will complete all of the photographs within the specified time frame. As a result, we can process over 150000 photos every year.

Secure Files Transfer

File Transfer That Is 100 Percent Secure For file transfer, there is a rapid and straightforward mechanism accessible. WeTransfer, secure FTP, and Dropbox are all options to transmit files.

To Increasing Sale Role Of Clipping Path

An entrepreneur must understand the importance of adequately showcasing their items to generate sales. Product photographs are more appealing when outsourced to the most satisfactory clipping path service. 

Not only that, but each picture should be suitable for use on the website. Clipping path service may play a variety of functions in increasing sales for an e-commerce marketplace, including:

By enhancing image quality

Popular e-commerce businesses and shooters use the best clipping path image services to ensure that their images are constantly beautiful, clean, and professional. In addition, this service helps improve image quality since they allow you to modify colors, adjust them for better quality, and replace or delete the background.

By establishing a foundation of trust

You are always in danger of losing consumers in today’s international economy. Consequently, you must take the required efforts to wow new customers and retain current ones. Photo clipping path services may help online stores present their products professionally, employing crisp, bright photographs to influence purchasing choices positively.

By Differentiating Products

Customers have many alternatives in e-commerce, just as they do in the actual world of business. Therefore, a manufacturer must stand out and be different from the consumers’ perspective. 

One approach to distinguish a product is to retouch an image. Applying a few enhancements to appear more appealing might help clear doubts and help a potential buyer differentiate a business from its competition.

By advertising and promoting your profile

Appealing photos are the most potent assets of an advertising campaign. Their capacity to attract attention and impact aid promotes a product line and develops a complete and accurate marketing strategy. 

However, Great photography raises people’s awareness and expands a company’s marketing outreach. This goodwill might lead to more purchases.

Why You Should Hire Clipping Path Cut For Clipping Path Service?

Clipping Path Cut is a professional photo editing service that offers Photoshop’s abilities. 

We are a rapidly expanding firm with thousands of delighted clients, and all of our offerings are available over the internet. Despite high-quality work and on-time deliveries, we have gained the confidence and contentment of numerous clients in a short period. 

Our company’s low cost is another great asset. Depending on the holiday, we give our customers a discounted rate. You can look at our prices to get a better idea of the cost-to-quality ratio of our work. 

Our customer satisfaction, varieties of service, and year-round working procedures are the key reasons for choosing us. 

Furthermore, our customer experience is always available to answer any questions our clients may have, and you may reach them by email or phone at any time. 

We promise the highest quality work, never miss deadlines, and believe in the quality of our work and the demands of our clients. We also believe in ethical business practices and contribute to various worthwhile causes.


This clipping path in photoshop service can help you in various ways. Take a look at the list below to see how valuable the service is.

It will help to improve the presentation. You can easily create a translucent background. You will get a background that is appropriate and attractive for the photograph. Marketing diversity and increased chances of success. A fast technique to raise brand recognition. Image production of high quality. Simple to use and affordabilityQuick, dependable, and effective services.

clipping path cut

Frequently ask Question

Clipping paths in Photoshop are frequently used in art and design because they provide a lot of control over the layout and location of images, text, pictures, and other elements. This Photoshop method allows you to choose items from one image and cut and mix them into another. This method is excellent for adding information or logos to photos. It’s also feasible to do it using forms.

Your image-editing tasks are in good hands when they are in our hands. Your role is to place an order, and we’ll handle everything else. Furthermore, the time varies depending on the situation. If it is a straightforward clipping route, it will be completed in 6-24 hours. We have no difficulty with the project being large enough. We can deliver within your time frame.

JPEG files, although being compressed, are not intended for modification. Colors bleed into one other due to the compression, and data loss is possible. You must first decompress the JPEG picture before using it as a clipping path. It is analogous to opening a JPEG in Photoshop & changing things to it, although it is unsuited for editing.

We understand the importance of every assignment completed by our valued customers. Our crew is constantly prepared to provide the most satisfactory service possible. So you don’t have to be concerned about it. We will work for you till you are delighted. So you will receive the most excellent solution for your job.

Clipping paths are more accessible to create in InDesign than in any other picture editing program, such as Photoshop, CS, or Illustrator. The Photoshop pen tool, Photoshop magic wand, and eraser are also used. However, with the InDesign application, you do not need any of them since there is a simple option for producing cuts that will allow you to cut any image with a single click of your mouse!

These are several kinds of clipping pathways or picture cuts. And, we are among the top leading firms that can provide you with the most outstanding solutions. In addition, our customer service specialist will assist you in determining your image type; if you have any problems, please contact us.

It’s challenging to pick the finest photoshop clipping path service, provider. As a result, you must justify a business before hiring someone. As a cutoff method, each firm provides two test photos. Therefore, you must submit two photographs and have them evaluated.